Say what you want about The Game, because even though he's always involved in beefs and physical confrontations, he still manages to produce good music that does well commercially.

According to Billboard magazine, the Compton MC's latest release 1992 is the ninth album of his that's reached the top ten, landing at No. 4 on the charts and selling 32,000 copies.

Of course, this is a huge achievement for the rapper, especially in this industry climate, where many fans try to avoid paying for music or buying albums outright. This also shows that The Game has a loyal fan base who's stuck with him through all the beefs, label changes and other challenges he's faced.

"['1992' is] still the No. 1 hip-hop album in the world this week," wrote the "Pest Control" creator on his Instagram page. "To all my real fans, if you ain't got 1992 click the link in my bio ... To all my haters, suck a d--- through a coffee straw."

Some of the other albums of Game's that have reached the top ten include last year's The Documentary 2, which hit the No. 2 spot. Plus, he's scored hit albums with 2014's Moon: Year of the Wolf, 2012's Jesus Piece, 2011's The R.E.D. Album, which hit No. 1 and others, stemming all the way back to his 2005 debut, Doctor's Advocate.

In addition, the west coast repper posted the dates of his upcoming European tour, which starts Nov. 26 in Zurich, Switzerland and ends on Dec. 21 in Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

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