The Game is doing it for the 'Gram. The rapper decided to show off what he's working with for his 4 million Instagram followers on Thursday night (Oct. 29) -- and they're not complaining. The thirst trap shows the "Hate it or Love it" rapper posing in his bathroom with nothing but skin tight boxers on -- red and blue just like his two recently released albums, The Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5.

Always the jokester, Game also included some explicit instructions on how ladies can fantasize about him and encouraged them to tag their girlfriends in the comments section of the photo.

So far, his eye candy has gained over 200,000 likes in less than 24 hours -- usually he gets under 50,000.

But while onlookers ogle at the suggestive photo, feminists went to Twitter to sarcastically point out the the double standard.

"Fellas ya not gonna criticize Game's parenting skills for posting a pic like that?" tweeted one critic, to which another replied, "Course not he's a single father."

Others compared him to Jidenna, who's always in a suit, and said that The Game should model after him if he wants to be husband material. There were also posts who pitted the 35-year-old against Jay Z and J. Cole.

"Why can't The Game be like J Cole and have a platinum selling album with his clothes on?" read one.

"Jay Z can do it respectfully, why can't The Game? Can't get yourself a Beyonce behaving like The Game," another tweeted.

While some critics didn't get the point of Game's photo, one tweeter took it upon herself to explain to them what it was all about. "Someone taking 'thirsty' selfies should be able to do so without their parenting skills or self-respect being questioned. THIS IS THE POINT."

Find out what the people are saying below.

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