In recent months, the Game has assaulted an off-duty police officer, beefed with Young Thug and been hard at work in the studio working on his new album, The Documentary 2. Now, you can add this hefty lawsuit to his laundry list of problems.

According to ABC7, the West Coast MC has to cough up $200,000 to his former nanny for defaming her on his Instagram. In 2013, Game obliterated the nanny, Karen Monroe, on Instagram for what he believed to be inappropriate behavior on her part. Game said Monroe had sex with her boyfriend in his daughter's bedroom.

To make matters worse, he claimed that she was a heavy smoker and drinker on the job. Rather than simply hand her a pink slip, he mocked her on Instagram by posting her picture and lobbying for no one to ever consider hiring her again.

According to Monroe's attorney, she became emotionally distraught and needed therapy in order to alleviate her depression following Game's tirade on Instagram. Her attorney also noted that people sent her death threats and that she ultimately lost her job as a nanny caring for Nas' son following the incident.

Since the Game failed to do his due diligence and respond accordingly to the suit, on June 10, a L.A. judge awarded Monroe $200,627 as a default judgment.

Hopefully, Game can pay up and find a way to end his streak of bad luck.

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