It has been over 10 years since The Game released his debut opus, The Documentary. The fandom surrounding that album was unreal. Now, with him inching closer on a possible release for The Documentary 2, he unveiled his new single "100," featuring OVO's commander-in-chief, Drake.

The Cardo and Johnny Juliano-produced song helps inject a nostalgic and vintage Documentary feel that avid Game fans have been craving for some time now.

"Do a n---- four favors, when they can't do the fifth / Run up on you at your granny's house, leave you lyin' like Fif," raps Game.

Meanwhile, the Compton rhymer lets Drizzy do what he does best: take over the hook department and kill it. "Y'all better not come to my studio wit' that fake s--- / Y'all better not come to my funeral wit' that fake s---," he says on the chorus.

With Game and Drake denouncing everything fraudulent, Drake injects the song with some well-needed candor. "Thank me later, thanks for nothin', Thanks for bluffin' / Thanks you so, so much for wearing your true colors/ To every single f---in' function," he spits.

This is definitely a very strong track and a great indicator that Game's The Documentary 2 is on the way. Also, be on the lookout for the video, which the dynamic duo recently shot in Los Angeles.

Listen to the Game's Song "100" Feat. Drake

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