We're used to The Game's outspoken nature, but it seems as though the rapper is in full attack mode. In a recent interview with Complex magazine, the rapper discussed his intense desire to "beef" with Jay-Z, but he didn't stop there. The rapper went on to discuss Dr. Dre's highly-anticipated 'Detox' album.

According to the Game, Dre would be doing himself a disservice to finish the album without letting the tattooed rapper hop on a verse. "I don't really care about being on 'Detox.' I don't think Dre can finish Detox without having me on it, man," Game proclaimed. "I'm the West Coast -- I am the West Coast. You can't do anything on the West Coast without involving myself, my name, or my brand. For me not to be a part of 'Detox,' Dre would be doing himself an injustice, not me."

Someone might want to inform the Game that Dr. Dre, along with N.W.A., put the West Coast on the hip-hop map, but the region actually existed long before the Game's inception, so really California, Oregon and Washington are the real West Coast.