The Game is paying it forward by helping a young teen accomplish his dream.

Isaiah Cooper, a 16-year-old, became the youngest black pilot to fly around the United States and now he's aiming for a bigger goal. This time, he's heading around the globe.

“My main goal is to become a productive young man with a future in aviation, and not a statistic,” said Cooper on his GoFundMe page.

The Game donated $1,000 to the cause and is encouraging others to do the same so that Cooper, who is also from Compton, can reach his goal of $45,000.

“This trip will have costs of things he will need to complete it, fuel, food equipment etc….. so PLEASE CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO & DONATE ANYTHING you can to help him accomplish his dream….” read an Instagram post from The Game. “As usual, I will start with a donation of $1,000 in hopes that by the end of the day we have ALL helped him reach his goal of $45,000…… It takes us ALL to support one another…… IF YOU CARE & WANT TO BE APART OF THE SOLUTION, SHOW IT.”

This isn't the first time that The Game is working to give back to his community. He also raised $1,000 to help a mother-of-eight get groceries. He also recently set up a peaceful rally with Snoop Dogg and helped orchestrate a peace treaty between gang members.

To donate to Cooper's cause click here.

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