The Game has dealt with trolls in the past (40 Glocc comes to mind), but now he's dealing with a new troll from Miami. Apparently, the Compton rhymer is in a feud with rapper Stitches who canโ€™t seem to leave him alone.

Recently, Stitches got knocked out by Gameโ€™s manager, Wack 100, and suffered a busted lip for harassing Game outside of a Miami club where he was performing at. But that hasnโ€™t stop the โ€œRemember Meโ€ rapper. The 20-year-old is on social media accusing Game of having his manager sucker-punch him instead of fighting him man to man.

This prompted the Documentary 2 creator to go on Instagram and offer Stitches some career advice, which he really should take into consideration.

In a 15-second clip, the Game's head is posted on top of the "Why You Always Lying" guy with the caption offering Stitches how to take care of his busted upper lip and telling him to avoid spicy foods. Hilarious!

The "How We Do" rapper also warned Stitches to stop using the N-word so freely. "You're white... & other African American rap crews might take offense & whoop that ass too," he wrote.

The Game then offered some career advice since he believes that Stitches' rap career is over.

"1. Go be a ball boy for the [Miami] Heat 2. Try out for WWE wrestling 3. With them weird tattoos on ya face, do children's bday parties you f---in clown," he writes in the caption.

He then added: "For all Stitches, I mean BITCHES fans.... Since it's over for ya boy & his lip.... Here are some suggestions of dope white rappers to support: Eminem, Paul Wall, Logic, Mac Miller, G-Eazy, Maclemore & my dawg Machine Gun Kelly... Tell em Game sent you."

Let's hope Stitches gets the message and takes his L like a man. Otherwise, it's going to get real ugly.

Check out some of the hilarious videos that Game has been posting about this entire incident.

UPDATE: Stitches returned to Instagram and continues to berated the Game for not fighting him man-to-man. The rapper has a black eye and a fractured face but he is still insisting that he and Game duke it out in the ring.

Clearly, this isn't going to end anytime soon. Read Stitches messages to Game below.

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