The Game is on the warpath and he’s gunning for both Meek Mill and Sean Kingston. On Saturday (Sept. 17), the Compton native went on his Instagram page and verbally threatened both of them in a very angry video message.

Apparently, this so-called rap feud is over a June incident in which Kingston was robbed of his jewelry at a Los Angeles club. According to The Game, Meek allegedly told Kingston that The Game and his entourage was involved in the robbery. Kingston then called the police who then came knocking on the Compton rapper’s door. And that’s why The Game is calling Meek a snitch and a rat.

However, Kingston said in a video that has since been deleted that Meek and him are cool and that he is putting the robbery incident behind him. He then posted a photo of himself in the studio with the caption, “Working overtime while u tryna make headlines. Me and @murdabeatz_ got [too] much coming. Stay tuned.”

This, of course, didn't sit well with The Game who went on his IG page and slandered both Kingston and Mill. The 36-year-old rapper cleared the air on what really happened that night Kingston was robbed of his jewlery.

"N----s in yo own circle set you up, whooped yo ass in the club & took all yo s--- off yo neck in front of your security & yo n----s & they watched it happened!!!!!" he wrote.

Elsewhere, The Game aimed his vitriol at Meek Mill by calling him "Meesha" and vowing to "beat the dog s--- out of him."

"Meek been tellin on n----s..... Anywhere he can snitch to get ahead his rat ass will do it!!!!" he wrote. "One day you look up & my fist gone be in yo f---in jaw.... & ain't nobody gone be there to hide behind or help you.... You gone take this ass whoopin like a man & the world is home see me beat the hoe out you!!!!!!!"

This is surely not the end of this feud and it looks like it's going to get worst before it gets better. Rick Ross might have to jump in and mediate this conflict.

Whew! This feud is really heating up. Read all of The Game's slander below.

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