Though he threatened retirement after his 2010 album 'Love King,' Grammy-winning singer/producer The-Dream is back with a new album and a line of high-end speakers.

The 'Shawty Is a 10' singer has announced a partnership with Jerboa Audio/Aionia, LLC to release The-Dream Special Edition Jerboa Speakers, a signature line of compact portable speakers. Featuring 7 hours of playback with a maximized passive woofer and tweeters, The-Dream's Jerboa speakers pack a huge 80db sound in an extremely sleek, cigar-sized package.

"When I learned about the Jerboa speakers, I was excited to help develop a product that pushed out a great sound from a speaker the size of a cigar," explained The-Dream. "We are extraordinarily proud of the woofer. It's a whole lot of sound packed into a very sleek package."

Dream's Special Edition Jerboa speakers are compatible with all computers and musical devices/MP3 players that use a 3.5mm (headphone) jack, and are priced at $149.99, and are available in silver and black colorways.

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The-Dream is currently hard at work on his fourth album, 'The Love, IV.' He also recently assisted Kim Kardashian on her debut single, 'Jam,' which hit airwaves yesterday.

Watch The-Dream's 'Shawty Is a 10'
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