Singer-songwriter/producer Terius Nash, commonly known nowadays as The-Dream, gave a theater full of "industry" folk a preview of his upcoming album, 'Love vs. Money,' at a listening session Wednesday night in New York.

The-Dream pumped the album's sexy first single 'Rockin' That Thang' through the speakers before sharing the remainder of the equally sensual tracks off his upcoming project, which is due in March.

Tracks 'Put It Down,' 'Sweat It Out' and 'Take U Home 2 My Mama' showcase the singer's playful, lusty side with lyrics like "Let's get this 'tron up in ya/ Get some Georgia up in your Virginia," while 'My Love,' featuring Mariah Carey stays within the lines of radio-friendly R&B.

During the brief Q&A portion of the event, Dream admitted that 'My Love' had Carey written all over it, so much so that he boasted about her involvement on the record before he asking her join him on the track. Luckily, the diva agreed to lend her vocals to the song. Carey took it one step further and asked The-Dream to work on her forthcoming project. "We've already got a working title -- well, I do: 'MC3,'" the Dream said. "I'm going to try to write every record."

Mimi's not the only heavyweight featured on 'Love vs. Money.' Lil Jon joins on the 'Radio Killa' on 'Let Me See the Booty' and Kanye West lends a hand on the tightly produced, furturistic track, 'Walkin' On the Moon.'

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