The DreamProducer/singer/executive The-Dream has lashed out at Mariah Carey fans, who he claims have unfairly targeted him as the culprit for the poor reception and sales of her most recent album, 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.'

The album, Mariah's twelfth studio release, was largely produced by The-Dream and production partner Tricky Stewart, who have penned a slew of hits, including recent singles by Beyonce and Rihanna.

Though 'Memoirs' has enjoyed decent sales, it has yet to go gold, and The-Dream has taken offense to perceived slights by Mariah fans, via his Twitter account, which he should really consider deleting.

"Sad! You silly little people," Dream tweeted in response to Carey's fans. The 31-year-old continued to attack his antagonists writing, "MC knows me and knows I don't take s--- off of no one period. I slaved for her day and night till 6AM multiple times. What you do? Fake fan ... I get dissed publicly and privately every minute. When Chicago lost in the 90's they blame Jordan so I guess I'm Jordan. How bout those Hawks."

When not likening himself to Michael Jordan, Dream also made the argument that critics who don't like his work with Mariah aren't "real MC fans."

"Pull your panties out your a-- and calm down it's not the end of the world! This is the album that I made beside the great MC so if you don't like it then you don't like MC. So be sure to voice your opinion with my friend MC ... They are more supreme to numbers that can be easily altered maybe I should by a million copies myself so you can feel better fake fan!"

Pretty grown up stuff, Dream.