The DreamOn his upcoming album, recently appointed Executive Vice-President of Def Jam Records, The-Dream has given himself yet another title, crowning himself the "Love King."

Having leaked the first single, 'Love King,' from his forthcoming album of the same name, the singer-songwriter/producer took to Twitter to discuss his new effort with his fans.

"Thank you all so much for embracing the single! The album is deeper and I push further, but first things first," he tweeted.

'Love King' is The Dream's third album, and, he claims, his "deepest" effort yet. "Tell me what y'all want next," he offered. "Uptempo, slow, whatever, the album is deeper than space."

With the first single already receiving acclaim, The Dream announced that he intends to release several more songs in the next few weeks.

"I will drop four singles and four videos before May 17," he tweeted. "As long as my songs make the girls happy, I'm happy. I do it for them. I do it for the promise of love. I just want to give y'all all the love you deserve!"

'Love King' drops on May 17. Check out the lead single here.