Riding in shopping carts? TV's on trash cans? That's just the rugged life of the ghastly duo known as the Doppelgangaz. EP and Matter Ov Fact bring you right into a bar bones setup as the two 'Live Rugged' in this new video off their 'Peace Kehd' album.

The Doppelgangaz blend their unique sense of humor with the tone of the infectious single, which states that the two "Do what I want, till I kick the bucket."

The duo also drop some slick lines along the way. EP raps, "Doppelgang, f--k your misnomer / die slow bro from that lymphoma / doner kebab all on my shirt / corn on the cob for my dessert / the suave turn your Old Earth into a black cloak convert / Peace Kehd, three quid for the concert."

You can pick up the deluxe version of the Doppelgangaz's excellent new album 'Peach Kehd' right now via Bandcamp and iTunes. The deluxe is a must for all the beat junkies out there as it includes all ten of the original instrumentals.