The saga of The Cool Kids is finally picking up again with the release of a new mixtape entitled 'Tacklebox.' DJed and presented by the Los Angeles Leakers, this effort is the first major contribution from the Midwest duo -- Chuck Ingrish and Mikey Rocks -- in awhile. They put in some solid work last summer with 'Gone Fishin,' but the group's debut album 'When Fish Ride Bicycles' was supposed to come in the fall and never surfaced.

Chuck handles most of the production duties this time around and it continues in the group's tradition of mixing hard drums (lots of 808 classics), airhorns and substantial synth lines throughout. 'Freak City' bumps with a bizarre, 'Hello Nasty'-esque mixture of buzzsaw synths and whispery, dubbed-out vocals. 'Strawberry Girl' could easily become a wake-and-bake anthem for the summer. The group circles how to read the perfect lady over upbeat production that sounds like the introduction to an elementary school PSA video.

As with past releases from The Cool Kids, the production shines but the lyrics don't stick out too much. It's more style over substance, but the style is so laidback that 'Tacklebox' seems like a great summer soundtrack for the car or headphones.

Bounce over to their official site and cop the free download here.