The Clipse recently addressed the rumors of Jay-Z throwing a shot at them on his record 'Thank You,' which was featured on his latest album, 'Blueprint 3.' The particular line in question, "Let us save you some trouble son/What size suit you is?/This way after the Ruger shoots through a few clips/You can lay in your casket just as you is/We appreciate the target practices/We'll be sure to send flower baskets kid ... ", has had many hip-hop journalists and fans pondering if Jay could really be dissing the Virginia-based duo.

In the past The Clipse and Jay have never shared any kind of beef or have even crossed paths for that matter. It seems almost as if Jay has never even acknowledged the duo -- even when Pusha T named dropped Hov on the mixtape track 'Big Dreams.' "Pre-pay rappers, with no minutes/the real niggas limit, they mimic, they H-O-V lane it, they don't pen it/The difference is the Blue Magic ain't in it," rapped Pusha on the song, previously released on the Clipse's 'Till The Casket Drops.' finally got the chance to ask the brothers Thornton whether or not they thought Jay-Z was dissing them, "People have been asking me about that," Pusha T explained in the interview. "I don't know. I don't know man. Jay-Z has to like The Clipse. He raps ... He's a rapper, he has to like The Clipse. Come on, he's heard us before. He knows we're good." Sarcastically, Malice also put his two cents into the thought, "I hate to think that, I mean, really we just The Clipse," Malice added. "You know, we ain't sold millions and millions of records so why would anybody do that?"