The BeatnutsNineties hip-hop duo, The Beatnuts, are bringing a blast from the past to New York City this fall with their plans to star in an off-Broadway play titled 'Deez Nuts,' that tells the story of their musical career. The show, which is written by Sacha Jenkins, the co-founder of Egotrip and VH1's (White) Rapper Show will be set in Corona, Queens, the hometown of the famous hip-hop twosome.

Jenkins told XXL Mag that in addition to live performances and a full cast of actors, the play will document a journalist as he interviews The Beatnuts -- Junkyard Ju-Ju and Psycho Les -- in local areas of their neighborhood. "It's one thing to be a fan of The Beatnuts," Jenkins said, "but it's another to sort of be from the neighborhood and understand the people they're name-checking, the references, the bodegas and all of the things they're talking about in their music. I wanted a way to sort of bring that to life that goes beyond just listening to the music itself."
Although the rappers/producers have worked with several successful hip hop artists, including Mos Def, Big Pun and Ghostface during the span of their careers, Jenkins says that the group didn't catapult to the level of fame they should have because of their ethnicity. "I do feel to a certain extent that The Beatnuts have been overlooked because they are Latino," he said. "And I'd love to see them get the respect that they deserve."

'Deez Nuts' will be presented as part of the Hip-Hop Theater festival, and will run from Oct. 1-3 at the Ohio Theatre Soho on Wooster Street, in New York. Tickets are available at