Since Teyana Taylor's appearance on Kanye West's 'Dark Fantasy,' the Harlemite has been a hot topic of conversation, which may be the reason why a former friend wants to sabotage her.

On Tuesday (Dec. 28), several photos of a scantily clad Taylor appeared on tabloid website The images showcase the songstress puckering up for the camera while dressed in nothing but undergarments. In one snapshot, the 'Google Me' performer wears a red, animal-print bra; in another, she's seen thrusting her torso upwards as she steadies herself in stilettos on a bed.

The most shocking of the three photos is one in which a woman, which Taylor denies is her, contorts her nude body on a bed. Although the woman's nether regions are blurred out in the image, her face, which bears a similar resemblance to that of Taylor's, can be partially seen.

The curly-haired sneaker addict took to Twitter to clear up the controversy. Taylor admits she does appear in two photos but wholly denies she is the nude woman in the third image. "First 2 pics r clearly me!! but that bucket naked pic on that WOOD HEADBOARD TWIN SIZE BED IS NOT, ITS ONE OF MY EX FRIENDS TRYNA BE FAMOUS," she tweeted.

Taylor went on to dismiss the situation with laughter. "Lmfaooooo them naked pics r not me ... smh i know who i know excatly [sic] who it is tho!! Its a girl i use to roll with! Aint sayn no names! Lol," she said. "Oyea and not tryna be funny but that bucket naked girl in the pic titts r way smaller then mine ... and my bed is way more modern & up to date!"

The singer, who appears on West's holiday tune 'Christmas in Harlem,' has announced she'll broadcast live on uStream to address the scintillating shots.

Watch Teyana Taylor's 'Google Me'
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