A Tennessee police officer is in hot water after appearing in a rap video and allegedly associating with gang members.

According to PoliceOne.com, Paris Glass, who's been a police officer since 2007, appeared in a clip for local rapper P. London. As part of her role, she assists in a kidnapping and execution.

Officials say they received notification from another officer, informing them of Glass' participation in the video. The source claims Glass typically associates with gang members and occasionally shares police information from the force's database.

At this time, the seven-year officer has not been arrested or charged. She's merely being investigated as officials determine whether she violated any policies.

In the visuals for the P. London song, you can clearly see the officer sporting a red bandana and pushing someone into a trunk, as other people flash hand signs and weapons.

Now whether these hand signs are gang-related is yet to be determined.

Officer Glass will remain on relieved duty until a final decision is reached in the upcoming hearing.

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