In a world captivated by memes, an Odd Future/Tegan and Sara mash-up seems way overdue.

Having recently been blasted by Tegan and Sara's Sara Quin for his "misogynistic and homophobic ranting and raving," scolded by gay anti-defamation group GLAAD and called "boring" by Le Tigre and Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, it really was only a matter of time before someone mashed up a Tyler, the Creator track with one from the lesbian-twin act. Luckily for the world, mash-up duo the Jane Doze were all too happy to oblige.

Seamlessly blending Tegan and Sara's plaintive 'Call It Off' with Tyler's creaking 'Yonkers,' the Jane Doze's mash-up turns Tyler's shock-rap confessional into some emo, acoustic-backed "ranting and raving."

The visual draws even further parallels, concluding with a helpless, phone-cord wrapped Tegan, and a wriggling Tyler, hung by the neck against a white background.

Comprised of 20-something New Yorkers Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel, the Jane Doze have previously recorded mash-ups (yes, people still do those!) of Ratatat and Marvin Gaye, and Cults, Ke$ha and Tinie Tempah.

"For a lot of our mash-ups, we find inspiration in pop culture. We try to keep up with the latest news and gossip -- the best mashups tell a story. When we read about the exchange between Tyler, the Creator and Tegan and Sara, we couldn't resist putting the Jane Doze touch on it."

Check out the rest of their works, as we await the inevitable Tyler tweet, offering to throw everyone involved "some hard d---."

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