17-year-old Michael Louding is expected to plead not guilty today for his role in six murders in the Baton Rouge area.

Among the men Louding has been accused of killing is Chris "Nussie" Jackson, a local rapper, whom Louding allegedly shot to death in February of 2009, when he was just 16. Louding has been charged with a total of five counts of first degree murder, one count second degree murder and two counts attempted first degree murder. The killings are all said to have occurred over the past 14 months.

While Louding's motive for the murders has yet to be revealed by the prosecution, it is rumored that police are investigating the teen's ties to incarcerated Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie, who was initially the primary suspect in Nussie's murder. Boosie is said to have paid Louding $30,000 to kill his rival, with whom he was embroiled in a longstanding feud. Boosie is currently serving out a 4-year sentence for drug possession.

Three other teens have also been charged, along with Louding, for their involvement in the string of murders. Due to his young age, Louding will not face the death penalty, but will likely face life in prison, if found guilty.