A teenager juror was booted from a Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday (June 24) for sporting a t-shirt that offended the presiding judge.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber dismissed 19-year-old juror Nneka Eneorj from his courtroom after spotting her shirt, which read, 'Who the f--- is Kanye West?" in all bold letters.

According to the New York Post, Farber had the remaining jurors evacuate the courtroom, before he ordered Eneorj to approach his bench, asking her, 'Do you think it's appropriate to wear a shirt that says 'f---' on it in my courtroom? Before Eneorj could finish her protests, the judge dismissed her from the trial, telling her, "You're excused."

The teenager later argued her first First Amendment rights and said she hoped to be refunded for her $40 jury service fee. 'They'd better give me my check back." Eneorj was part of a jury deliberating on a 2008 police brutality trial.