Tanya Morgan are the hardest-working indie rappers you may have never heard of (peep their fantastic 2009 effort Brooklynati). The dynamic duo - Von Pea and Donwill - are back with a new project titled Abandoned Theme Park. To promote the EP, the rap tandem released the Che Grand-produced “Stoop (turnitout).”

Over a mixed bag of sounds, including wailing voices and clacking drums, Von Pea and Donwill spit bars about their favorite things in life. “I like thighs chocolate, lips full, hair curly / If that’s not you / We can still get all flirty,” raps Von Pea.

Prior to the release of Abandoned Theme Park, Tanya Morgan is offering fans a preview of the project on their streaming snippet tape. One track that stands out is “Clappas” with its spacey melodies and neck-snapping beat. On the song, both Von Pea and Donwill rap celebratory rhymes.

"Yeah I'm still the man, bitch, yup I'm still the man / Round house kick the bush with the bird still in the hand / That's two for one special / I'ma get it god-damn / Break it down, pass it around / Share it with the whole fam," raps Donwill.

You can pre-order the Abandoned Theme Park right now on iTunes. The EP will drop on Nov. 11. Listen to a few songs from the project below.

Abandoned Theme Park Track List:

1. "Enter Through The Gift Shop" Feat. Che Grand
2. "Clappas"
3. "The Record" Feat. Che Grand
4. "One"
5. "Stoop (turnitout)"
6. "Who Are You"
7. "Exit (rideout)"

Listen to Tanya Morgan's New EP Abandoned Theme Park