Tanya Morgan take some time to make it known they "don't get caught up in the makeshift hype" in their fresh new 'Never Too Much' video featuring Nitty Scott, MC.

The overarching theme in the video and the track itself is staying true to oneself and not worrying about chasing what someone else sees as success. That concept is flirted with on the hook as the three rappers namedrop some of the finer things in life: Dinner at steakhouses, HD televisions, "big rocks with the icy swag," and so on. But at the end of every namedrop comes the reminder that "it never really mattered too much to me."

While that sentiment can become stuffy or played out when delivered with too much sincerity, Tanya Morgan and Nitty keep it light and playful—particularly in the video. They spend most of it just rapping their verses together and clearly enjoying themselves. Huh, fun rap music, whodathunkit?

You can watch the video above. Tanya Morgan's 'Rubber Souls' drops Sept. 24.