The Vachetta Tanned leather versions of your favorite silhouettes may be Hender Scheme’s claim to fame but they are not the only ones giving models a makeover. China’s Sneaker Homie just popped up with this classed up version of the Yeezy 750 that is truly a head-turner.

The typically suede build of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost is co-opted here and we are left with a model that is almost a dress shoe. Sneaker Homie’s version gives the OG a run for it’s money with a suppled tanned leather upper mimicking nearly every stitch on the contour of popular sneaker. The Boost technology is most visibly absent from this creation and it is replaced with a sole that feels more luxurious to match the tone set by the tanned leather.

Getting your hands on a pair of anything bearing Yeezy’s name is hard enough as is but best believe you won’t be seeing a pair of the Sneaker Homie’s Yeezy 750’s without jumping through a few hoops and paying top dollar.

Sneaker Homi
Sneaker Homie
Sneaker Homie

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