Lil Wayne, NBA Ban: League Rep Says ‘Not True’
Getty Images
Lil Wayne wasn't banned from All-Star Weekend, a league rep tells MTV News.
"Not true," NBA Senior VP Tim Frank told the Miami Herald in an email.
Still, that doesn't address whether or not Weezy slept with Chris Bosh's wife...
The Dougie Dance Gets Analyzed by the WSJ
CNN news correspondent Wolf Blitzer isn't the only one down with the dance craze the Dougie, apparently so are lots of athletes.
Intrigued by the success of the dance introduced by the hit Cali Swag District song 'Teach Me How to Dougie', the Wall Street Journal took a look at why the Dougie is so p…
Michael Jordan Wouldn’t Smile for Chamillionaire’s Camera
Chamillionaire recently met his hero Michael Jordan, but it didn't go so well. The Houston, Texas rapper, who is expected to drop his third album 'Venom' later this year, crossed paths with Jordan at a party for the basketball legend after recently forking over $7000 for one of his je…