Roxanne Shante

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Returns With Roxanne Shante
With over 30 years in the making, hip-hop has dominated pop culture in the U.S. and abroad, claiming the top spots on the charts and watching rappers run for president. So it's only right the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards, which celebrates the originators of the genre, makes its return.
Roxanne Shante, Kool Herc & More Bowl to Fight Cancer
A group of '80s rap legends have joined forces to fight breast cancer by bowling.
The event, dubbed Hip-Hop Pin Drop, is scheduled to take place in January at New York City's Frames Bowling Lounge, and was organized by U.T.F.O.'s Kangol Kid, Roxanne Shante and film executive Shaunda Lu…
Foxy Brown’s Manager Maintains Rapper’s Innocence
The story continues to unfold surrounding rapper Foxy Brown's arrest for allegedly violating a protective order filed by her neighbor, Arlene Raymond.
According to a complaint filed on July 21, Foxy Brown, born Inga Marchand, is said to have verbally assaulted and exposed herself to Raymond...

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