RZA Set to Join Cast of ‘G.I. Joe’ Sequel
Besides being a renowned producer, thanks to his exploits with the Wu-Tang Clan, the RZA is also a capable actor. The rapper-beatmaker-turned-thespian is in negotiations to join the sequel to the 'G.I. Joe' film.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, if RZA joins the Paramount-produced film's cast, he…
50 Cent to Lose 65 Lbs. for Film Role
Rapper/actor 50 Cent has announced that he will be dropping 65lbs. for an upcoming film role. The project, titled 'Things Fall Apart,' is being produced by 50's film company Cheetah Vision Films.
50 is set to play the lead character in the film, a high school football star who is stri…
Nipsey Hussle Discusses Upcoming Film Roles
Up-and-coming Cali MC Nipsey Hussle's film debut will likely hit stores before his album does.
Nipsey, who has received co-signs by Snoop Dogg and Game, has already wrapped his first feature film, 'Wrath of Cain,' which features veteran actor Ving Rhames of 'Pulp Fiction' fa…