rihanna and chris brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown Have Broken Up
Rihanna and Chris Brown have broken up.
A source tells E! News that RiRi is choosing to focus on her career and business ventures for now, and was spotted smoking weed at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles last night.
Meanwhile, the 'mystery blonde' that Chris Brown was spotted with over the wee…
Rihanna Gets a Restraining Order Against Home Invader
Rihanna has attained a restraining order. No, it's not against Chris Brown.
Rather, it's for Steveland Barrow, the guy who thought he broke into her house last week.
According to TMZ, Barrow actually broke into a neighbor's house, thinking it was Rihanna's...
Rihanna Says She Doesn’t Have Herpes
Following media rumors claiming that she suffers from venereal disease herpes, singer Rihanna is setting the record straight. In a revealing interview with GQ Magazine, in which she appears topless on the cover, the 21-year-old proved that no topic is off limits...