Estelle Will Rap With Raekwon, Jadakiss on Song Remix
Fresh off the success of her latest single 'Break My Heart,' singer Estelle wants to test out her rap skills on the song's remix. Although the British songstress became popular stateside for her vocal ability, she began her career as a rapper and has no problem sliding back into her o…
Ice-T to Narrate VH1’s History of Crack Cocaine & Hip-Hop
VH1 will be exploring the interrelationship between rap music and crack cocaine in a new documentary, scheduled to air in September.
'Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation' is the latest installment of VH1's Emmy-winning Rock Doc series, and will feature interviews with notable w…
Raekwon Reveals Wu-Tang Clan Working on New Album
Though it's still early days for the recently 'rebirthed' Wu-Tang Clan, founding member Raekwon the Chef has revealed that the group has begun work on their sixth studio album (and first since 2007's '8 Diagrams').
"It's kind of early to announce a new albu…

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