Pharrell to Score Animated Film with Legendary Composer
Platinum-selling Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams is reportedly composing an orchestral score for the animated film 'Despicable Me.'
The N.E.R.D. member wrote the title song for the film, which can be heard towards the end of the trailer here
Best Songs of 2009
Unfortunately, sometimes our favorite songs don't become instant hits. They're not thrown in heavy rotation on the radio and the DJ won't play them in the club. Don't fear. We feel your pain. Here are our picks for the best songs of 2009.

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Pharrell Inspires Game’s New Tattoo
Los Angeles rapper Game has a history of questionable tattoos, so his recent decision to tattoo the logo of producer Pharrell's record label Star Trak, with which he is neither signed, nor associated, on his forearm, is hardly surprising.
Photos of the tattoo, which Game had done on Tuesday, Dec
Pharrell Works at Ice Cream Store to Celebrate Fashion Week
Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes/N.E.R.D. took part in New York Fashion Week's "Night Out," a special promotion to benefit city's the struggling retail industry, by working the register at his Soho BBC/Ice Cream clothing store.
Fans began lining up outside before the store had even opened…