Michelle Williams Welcomes ‘Heartbreak’ in Our Studio
Former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams waltzed into our Los Angeles studio with a demeanor just as sweet as her voice and a personality bigger than you'd expect from the former gospel singer/less assuming member of DC. She admits that people often make assumptions about her personality and …
Michelle Williams, ‘The Greatest’ — New Video
Artist: Michelle WilliamsSong: 'The Greatest'Why You Should Watch: The former Destiny's Child singer realizes that sometimes you don't have to look far for real-life superheroes and all-around impressive men in the new video for her second single off her latest album, 'Unexp…
The Music Insider Chats With Michelle Williams
The DL Show recently sat down to interview R&B singer Michelle Williams, unfortunately the singer has a really common name.
Check out the interview after the jump.
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