20 Rappers & Singers Who Suffered From Addiction
While some superstars are able to overcome addiction and clean up their acts quietly and swiftly, it takes others years of struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and “rock bottom” career-threatening moments including arrests, near-death experiences or worse to admit that help is needed.…
Happy Birthday, Macklemore!
Although it feels like it, it really hasn't been that long since we've been removed from Macklemania -- just three years. Macklemore, the man born Ben Haggerty, turns 32 years old today (June 19).
XXL Freshman Class: Where Are They Now?
The Boombox decided to look back at the rappers and singers who made it to XXL’s prestigious Freshman Class. Find out where they are now and see what they have been doing in their careers since their recognition from the magazine.

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