Mac Miller

10 Nude Album Covers
We've all heard the old saying that sex sells, and nothing is more sexual than nudity. (Well, other than actual sex.) From a topless singer crossing her arms to hide her lady lumps to strategically placed props covering a rapper's nether regions, hip-hop and R&B albums have showcased t…
Mac Miller Dyes His Hair Pink
Yes, you are reading the headline correctly. Mac Miller -- for some odd reason -- has dyed his hair pink. The 'Donald Trump' rapper, who parted ways with his longtime indie label Rostrum Records, debuted his hair-raising transformation today (Jan. 16).
Mac Miller Leaves Rostrum Records
After four years and two successful albums, Mac Miller has parted ways with his label Rostrum Records. The Pittsburgh, Pa., native issued a statement exclusively to MTV News announcing the split.
Mac Miller Reveals ‘Live From Space’ Tracklist, Cover Art
Mac Miller closes out a year that saw the release of his sophomore album and the exhausting Space Migration Tour with a surprise announcement. The Pittsburgh rapper took to Twitter to announce a new project, 'Live From Space,' an album that will feature live recordings from the tour...

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