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Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z Are the Same Person? Prove Us Wrong — Video
Is Nicki Minaj really Jay-Z? Can you prove otherwise?
A recent Vice post contends that the Young Money queen is actually Young Hova with his voice sped up, based on irrefutable evidence and some incontestable speculation, including a video of Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' slowed down to h…
Who Do You Want to Win an MTV Video Music Award? Vote Now
Now that the 2011 MTV Video Music Award nominations are in, you can start guessing who will take home the coveted moonman on August 28 or... you can make your voices heard and vote right here, on The BoomBox!
Do you think 'Gucci Gucci' rap newcomer Kreayshawn should beat out Tyler, the Crea…
Rihanna Dethrones Lady Gaga as ‘Queen of Facebook’
Rihanna has surpassed Lady Gaga's massive Facebook following to become the new "queen" of the social networking site.
RiRi reigns supreme, having just passed Gaga in number of Facebook fans -- 40,523,918 to 40,514,982! The achievement earns Rihanna the honorary title of &qu…

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