Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi x Giuseppe Zanotti
To say Kanye left some big shoes to fill over at Giuseppe would be an understatement but it looks like his understudy is up for the job. This may explain why Kid Cudi's Giuseppe Zanotti is such a big shoe, literally.
2014 New Music Releases
In 2014, hip-hop and R&B artists are celebrating the release of some of the best albums of their respective careers. Take a look at what's to come throughout the year.
20 Best Kid Cudi Songs (So Far)
People say Kid Cudi fell off, but maybe he was never supposed to be rap's next super star. In fact, even calling Kid Cudi a rapper completely discounts the guy's artistry.
Cudi may lack the hits of Kanye West or the technical ability of Common, but his music resonates deeply with people aro…

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