Kid Cudi

20 Best Kid Cudi Songs (So Far)
People say Kid Cudi fell off, but maybe he was never supposed to be rap's next super star. In fact, even calling Kid Cudi a rapper completely discounts the guy's artistry.
Cudi may lack the hits of Kanye West or the technical ability of Common, but his music resonates deeply with people aro…
10 Best Album Covers of 2013
An old adage goes that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Yeah, that's fine and all, but let's be real: We all do it. That's especially true when it comes to music. The artwork associated with a mixtape or album (or single for that matter) can make or break certain projects…
Kid Cudi Announces Title of Upcoming EP
If you recall, Kid Cudi announced during a show in Dallas last month that he'll release a new EP in the next three months. Today, the Lonely Stoner shared the project's title on Twitter: 'Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon.'

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