Kenna Asks ‘How Will It End’ on New Song
Kenna is now less self-assured after the cool guy posturing of 'Love Is Still Alive' and 'Relations.' The singer debuts 'How Will It End,' a song off the recently released 'Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation Is Suicide - Chapter 3.'
Lupe Fiasco and Kenna Record Charity Single for Haiti
Fresh off their recent accent up Mt. Kilimanjaro to promote clean drinking water in developing countries, Lupe Fiasco and Kenna are back in the United States, diving head first into the Haiti relief effort. The pair joined a group of eclectic celebrities including Linkin Park, Slash, Peter Gabriel, …
Lupe Fiasco Releases Statement Regarding Leaked Song
On Christmas Eve, a brand new Lupe Fiasco track hit the Internet to the rapper's dismay. The song, titled 'I'm Beaming,' began popping up on blogs and forums just hours before the clock struck midnight on Christmas Eve. Throughout his career, Lupe has been plagued with early leak…
Lupe Fiasco Confirms Plans to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Climbing that figurative mountain on the road to success is a necessary evil, but Chi-town rapper Lupe Fiasco has finalized plans to literally scale a mountain this coming January for the sake of charity.
In 2010, Lupe will join a team of celebrities lead by Ethiopian singer/producer Kenna, who wil…