Frank Ocean

John Mayer – ‘Wildfire’ Feat. Frank Ocean
John Mayer and Frank Ocean's budding friendship is a beautiful thing. Not just because they do cool stuff like play together on 'SNL' and trade compliments about each others' work, but because us fans get some pretty good music out of it.
Frank Ocean To Appear On John Mayer’s New Album
It looks like Frank Ocean is totally down with the childhood-taught concept that "sharing is caring" when it comes to collaborations. He is set to appear on the new album from John Mayer, who contributed to the Odd Future crooner's retail debut, 'Channel Orange.'
Frank Ocean Debuts 3 New Songs in Concert
Save for an appearance on Kanye's 'New Slaves' and Tyler, The Creator's 'Wolf' album Frank Ocean's been relatively quiet as of late. Though he said he was "10,11" songs deep into his follow-up to his award-winning debut 'Channel Orange' …

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