Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt Announces Wearld Tour
While other artists are announcing regional tours, Earl Sweatshirt decided to go all out at the beginning of the year. The Odd Future rapper has just released the dates for a three-month international tour.
10 Best Album Covers of 2013
An old adage goes that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Yeah, that's fine and all, but let's be real: We all do it. That's especially true when it comes to music. The artwork associated with a mixtape or album (or single for that matter) can make or break certain projects…
Earl Sweatshirt vs. Dizzy Wright – Underground Kings, Round 1
OFWGKTA tangles with the Funk Volume crew once again.
When the Odd Future hype machine first started churning, we were intrigued by Tyler and definitely blown away by OF’s not-so-secret weapon, Earl Sweatshirt. Wreaking multi-syllabic havoc with his intricate flow and vile lyrics, Earl came back from…

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