Max B Implicated By Ex in 2006 Murder
Things aren't looking so wavy for Max B. The former Dip Set member, who has an album coming out sometime this year, in Neveruary, has just been implicated by a former girlfriend as the mastermind behind a 2006 heist that left one man dead.
According to the authorities, Max's ex, Gina Conw…
Freekey Zeekey Breaks Max B’s Wave, Cautions Ron Browz
Word is Max B was lumped up by Freekey Zeekey and the 730 Dips last week, and someone caught them on tape talking about it.
It's kind of hard to make out exactly what happened with Max, or what Freekey's really talking about in the interview, but there's some surfing, some injured Max B imitating, …