chief keef jailed

Chief Keef Released from Prison
Chief Keef was released from jail yesterday (March 14), after serving a 60-day sentence for violating his probation on a gun conviction.
The violation occurred when he fired a rifle at a gun range during an on-camera interview with Pitchfork last summer
Chief Keef, Jail: Rapper Will Be Baptized Upon Release
Freedom won't be the only thing Chief Keef experiences when he's released from jail on March 14. The embattled MC will also experience God.
Chicago Pastor Reverend Corey Brooks reportedly visited the 17-year-old in jail and has plans to baptize him...
Chief Keef, ‘I Got Cash': New Music From Jailed Rapper
Chief Keef may be behind bars due to a botched interview with Pitchfork at a gun range, but that isn't stopping his crew from releasing new music from the incarcerated rapper. "I Got Cash" features Dro along with an unusual amount of auto-tune for the Chicago rapper...