Bob Marley

Bob Marley Day Announced in Toronto by Mayor Rob Ford [VIDEO]
As absurd as Rob Ford has been these past few months, he's still the mayor of Toronto by law. But it's questionable if it's within his power to decide to declare a holiday on the very same day. Ford decreed that today (Feb. 6) is Bob Marley Day in Toronto to commemorate the reggae leg…
10 Awesome Lego Album Covers
For years, Lego kits have been a favorite toy for children and adults to play around with and build imaginary creations. A creative new Tumblr page called Lego Albums is fast-becoming a hit on the Internet.
Bob Marley – Artists Who Surprisingly Haven’t Won a Grammy
Even though this year's Grammys paid homage to Bob Marley with a star-studded tribute that included his sons, Ziggy and Damian, the reggae icon never walked away with a gramophone.
This wasn't due to his lack of talent though -- this was a man who released 12 albums ('Exodus' and …

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