Slim Thug

DJ OG Ron C: Inside the DJ Booth
DJ OG Ron C has worn multiple hats in the industry before even becoming an integral part of hip-hop in Houston, Texas. The Fifth Ward native was once a part of a rap group as an adolescent. "I was going to the studio as a part of The Sinister Crew and we didn't have any production set …
Man Claims Slim Thug Pistol-Whipped Him
Slim Thug is in the hot seat again and this time it has nothing to do with his controversial remarks. The Houston native is being accused of pistol-whipping a man during a business meeting last year.
According to legal documents, Clarence Evans claims he arrived at a home in Houston, Texas, on March …
Slim Thug Solicits Sex With Ad on Craigslist
Slim Thug is lookin' for love. The Houston rapper recently posted an ad on Craigslist soliciting sex as a joke, posting pictures of himself along with a message that he just got out of a relationship and was looking for a rebound.
"I'm a 6'6" handsome, rich black male looking for a sex with…

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