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R&B Artist of the Year – The Boombox Fan Choice Awards
It’s time to honor the singers who topped the charts and crafted the soundtrack to many of your celebratory moments last year. The competition for R&B Artist of the Year in The Boombox Fan Choice Awards is steep as each artist made a strong impact in 2013 with their respectiv…
R&B Song of the Year – The Boombox Fan Choice Awards
The 1st Annual Boombox Fan Choice Awards have arrived, which means it's time to make your vote count. 2013 was a crazy year for music; one of the best R&B songs was made by a hip-hop artist, comebacks happened with very few false alarms (no shade to D’Angelo or anything) and some surefire stars …
10 Best R&B Songs of 2013
With hundreds of R&B radio-ready tunes that surfaced throughout the year, there was a select few that found their way to the top of the charts -- survival of the fittest doesn't just exist with people.
10 Best R&B Albums of 2013
R&B didn't disappoint this year. Justin Timberlake returned from a seven-year hiatus to deliver a satisfying mix of soulful tunes and dance floor-ready songs, Ciara put out her best record to date and Janelle Monae electrified listeners with her dazzling sounds. Wi..…

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