Lil Jon, Miley Cyrus Share a Phone Number
Rapper Lil Jon has been avoiding a lot of phone calls and text messages to his new cell phone number, but it's not because he's anti-social. The King of Crunk was issued pop star Miley Cyrus' old phone number and it's been an amusing experience for him every since...
Lil Jon Steals Avril Lavigne’s Moment
Lil Jon committed a serious party foul on New Year's Eve at Prive, a nightclub within the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Avril Lavigne was slated to call out the 10-second countdown, but when it was time to ring in the new year, the rapper, who was hired to DJ the shebang, swi…
Hip-Hop Dances: A-Town Stomp
Usher, 'Yeah'Back in '04, Usher and Lil Jon brought The A's thump to the masses with 'Yeah.' All you do is jump a little to the side and make a strong stomp with one foot.
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Three 6 Mafia Nail Good Charlotte, Shoot for Scorsese
Three 6 Mafia will release their new album, 'Last 2 Walk,' in September, and for the effort, the rappers have loaded up on the guests. Among them: Good Charlotte, Lil Jon, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. And while you might expect Good Charlotte to bring the rock, they had some unlikely comp…