Lauryn Hill

20 Most Stylish Rappers of All Time
Just as important as charisma, rhymes and beats, personal style is one of the most important elements of a rapper's allure. An MC must also have impeccable taste to really flourish in the visual world of hip-hop. But following popular trends and bragging about brand names isn't enough…
10 Saddest Songs
Every story doesn't have a happy ending, but hip-hop and R&B stars have never been afraid to rap or sing about the blues. We highlight 10 Saddest Songs from rappers and singers who aren't afraid to express their emotions.
Lauryn Hill Delivers ‘Consumerism’ Lyric Video
The two songs Lauryn Hill released this year -- 'Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)' and 'Consumerism' -- have been met with a lukewarm response. The ill feelings are directed toward the overly esoteric nature of the lyrics, which has sometimes been described as gibberish. Her rapid delivery didn't h…

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