Drake Talks ‘Gonorrhea’ — Say What!
Drake recently discussed his tastefully-titled song "Gonorrhea," with Lil Wayne, which appears on Weezy's 'I am Not a Human Being' EP. "It's funny and it definitely makes people ," Drake said of the song's title. "It's like, …
Bow Wow Says ‘I Make Records for Girls’ — Say What!
Bow Wow denied involvement in the recent assault on groupie Kat Stacks, saying "Of course I had no involvement with it...It's so far fetched for me. Come on, man, everybody knows I make records for girls." Embarrassing.
Katy Perry promised to get buck nekked at the MTV Awards…
Say What! — Nas Condemns Violence in Hip Hop + More
Nas recently spoke to CNN about violence in rap. "A rap song influencing violence in the 21st century is a joke," said the rapper who recorded a song called "Shoot Em Up" back in the 20th Century.
Katy Perry said she likes to chill with Rihanna because "W…

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