Akon Clears Up Rumors About His Criminal Past
After an alleged outing from the Smoking Gun, singer Akon is setting the record straight regarding rumors that he lied about the time he spent in jail. The singer/producer has been heavy on the media circuit promoting his new album and is finally clearing up the allegations...
Nelly Feat. Akon, ‘Body On Me (Live)’
Artist: Nelly feat. AkonSong: 'Body on Me (Live)'Why You Should Watch: The St. Louis rapper teams with singer/producer Akon as the pair take the stage in Las Vegas to perform hot single of 'Brass Knuckles.'
Nelly Takes Over Top 11 Show
Due to his massive collection of videos, we allowed St. Louis' finest to take over our Top 11 Show. Nelly's video catalog chronicles the rapper's evolution from "down home boy" in the 'Country Grammar' video, which was shot in his hometown, to the hip-hop s…
Akon Responds to Claim That He’s a Fraud
Akon is finally speaking out about the Smoking Gun article that called the singer/producer a fraud. "It's an article," he said in a recent interview. "Everyone's entitled to their own opinions and views. At the end of the day, the Konvict movement is keeping me o…

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