DJ Unk Suffers Heart Attack, Promises to Change Lifestyle
Tweny-six-year-old ATL rapper, DJ Unk was rushed to the hospital on Saturday (Aug 29), after he complained about having trouble breathing. Doctors determined that Unk, real name Anthony Platt, had suffered from a mild heart attack and the rapper was treated and released from the hospital...
UNK, ‘Show Out’ — Video Premiere
Artist: UNKSong: 'Show Out'Why You Should Watch: Atlanta's finest, including Soulja Boy and Chilli of TLC fame, make an appearance in the UNK's video for his first single off his upcoming album, 'Second Season,' which hits stores Nov. 4. Buy 'Show Out' on iTun…
UNK, ‘Show Out’ — New Song
Artist: UNKSong: 'Show Out'Why You Should Listen: Mr. "Walk it Out" brags about being a "walking disco ball" in the new single -- which, of course, has a dance associated with it -- off his upcoming album, '2nd Season.'
Listen to 'Show Out'

Hip-Hop Dances
Hip-Hop Dances: Walk It Out
Unk, 'Walk It Out'
Atlanta deejay Unk is working this new-school jitterbug. Turn your legs in and out while changing positions on the floor, then let your feet 'Walk It Out.'
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