More Alfamega Snitch Testimony Surfaces on the ‘Net
Poor Alfamega. T.I.'s former muscle was busted back in May by website The Smoking Gun for snitching on a Georgia drug dealer in 1996, in exchange for receiving a reduced prison sentence.
The website revealed documents which proved that Alfamega, born Cedric Zellars, had provided information to …
Alfamega Faces Weapons Charge, Shatters Ankle
We never thought we'd say this, but we feel bad for Alfamega.
Last week, the Grand Hustle artist and T.I. protege was called out by The Smoking Gun as a DEA informant, then T.I. publicly severed ties with Alfa and dropped him from Grand Hustle...
T.I. Henchman Alfamega a Government Informant?
According to The Smoking Gun, T.I. protege/goon, Alfamega, was an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration.
The site alleges the Grand Hustle artist made a plea bargain deal in order to ease his sentence for a 1995 gun charge. The Smoking Gun did a background check on Alfamega's birth name…